Network: Enjoy an optimal WiFi signal / No more internet access

I have three CPL boxes equipped with WiFi repeaters, each installed on a floor. My Wifi network is called wifimaison. If I walk downstairs, I am connected with my home tablet via the Powerline access point connected to this level. When I go upstairs, I stay connected to the same powerline box on the ground floor.

The signal is then very weak. How can I make my tablet automatically switch to Wi-Fi, but this time through the CPL relay on the first floor from which I will benefit from a better signal?There is a simple trick to systematically switch to the Wifi network offering the best signal. Display the Android settings, tap Network and Internet, then the Wi-Fi label.

Access the Wi-Fi preferences and tap the Automatic activation of Wi-Fi option. The tablet will now automatically connect to the access point on closer.

A yellow triangle has prompted itself in the Windows notification area. This icon indicates that you no longer have an internet connection. A problem related to the PC network card or your box that must be resolved urgently.1 Identify the fault First, make sure that the connection problem does not come from your box router. Go to any device connected to your wireless network - another PC, tablet or smartphone. After verifying that Wifi is activated, try to open a web page. If the problem only affects your computer, turn it off and then do the same with the box. Restart the latter then the PC.
An error message appears on the screen of the box?

The anomaly concerns spectrum router the ADSL or fiber network of your access provider. Contact technical support to learn more.2 Start the windows diagnostics The problem persists? Open the Windows 10 Start pane. Point to Settings, navigate to Network and Internet, and display the Ethernet tab.

If your PC appears offline, check the Ethernet cable connections, both on the side of the box and on the computer. Test with another cable to rule out the hypothesis of a defective physical link between the two devices. Then go to the Status tab and click on Network troubleshooting. Answer the troubleshooting wizard questions until the problem is identified and resolved.3 Examine the drivers, the antivirus and the IP address First of all, deactivate your antiviral solution and see if the web becomes accessible again by trying to connect to a site of your choice.

Also, remember to update your network card driver by downloading the file to a device with internet access. Finally, check the connection settings. On the Network & Internet Settings page, click Status, Change adapter options. Select your network, point to Change the settings for this connection, Internet Protocol v.4, Properties. Then check the Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server addresses automatically options. 4 Reset the network Right click on the Windows 10 Start menu and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin). Successively run the netsh winsock reset, netsh int ip reset and netsh adv firewall reset commands.

Continue with ipconfig / release, ipconfig / renew, and ipconfig / flushdns. Restart the PC. Does the problem persist? Restore the network settings by activating the Network Reset link at the bottom of the Status, Network & Internet page of Windows settings.Nothing works ? You will probably have to replace the Ethernet card or invest in a USB or PCI WiFi adapter